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Embracing Weirdness

Practice, practice, practice. 

If you've been to one of my workshops you know I consider myself a spiritual person. God has been at the forefront of my life before first memories formed. As a child I was plagued by a strong imagination and stronger faith. God, angels, ghosts, mother nature, whatever form it took if connected to something bigger that the physical realm before me I was enthralled. Part escape, part truth-seeking, my young spiritual journey eventually found me jaded by the various schools of belief and lost to atheism. 

While living and studying in Cannes, France I returned to God.  "Here I am, I'm back", I proclaimed to an empty courtyard and a bright blue sky framed by Mediterranean palm trees and fluffy french clouds. It's no wonder french painters captivated the world, the landscape inspires.

Years later I found my beloved hangover cure (yoga) was the missing link to my floundering spiritual practice. I was afraid and felt alone. Yoga kept me focused.

If I connect to God more fully, I thought, what would i be asked to let go of? What would I be asked to embrace? Afraid of the answers, I used yoga as a guide. Once I opened to the joys of of a daily communion with God, my heart opened to the joyful love of oneness.

Oneness - to me, is connection to everything. It is remembering that I am one part of a whole, a whole unfathomable to the physical, thinking mind. Oneness, to me, must be experienced through love and faith.

So I jump in, feet first, and land safely on mother natures sweet sweet skin, to be nurtured through spiritual evolution. 

Its scary to commit to a life of putting God first in each moment. It means connecting to compassion and love, standing strong in vulnerability. It doesn't mean I love with wild abandon while unicorns prance and fairies fly. It looks more like having compassion for the dark parts of myself (and others), acknowledging what I need and setting boundaries with clear communication. 

It is tough work. The spiritual path is not for the faint of heart. And yet it is all worth it when in the panic of darkness, I remember that God is always with me, and I need only listen with tenderness and grace. 

Our paths of spiritual evolution may look different, but we are one. May your path be blessed by faith and openness to the adventures of life.

Peace and love, Rosie

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